One-click Demo installation

One-click Demo installation allows you to import pages, posts, custom post types, widgets, simple menu, theme options, or additional pages from our demos.

It is recommended to run import on fresh WordPress installation (You can use WP Database Reset plugin).

Importing site does not delete any pages or posts. However, it can overwrite your existing content.

Copyrighted media will not be imported. Instead it will be replaced with placeholders or blurred.

To import Demo Content, follow these steps:

1. In Admin Dashboard go to Dymix Theme > Import Demos and choose demo you want to install.

2. Press the “Import Demo” button if you need import fully demo content.If you don’t want to import all our dummy content, or you just need separate pages from our demo, or if you can’t use Manage import.

Unchecked option “All Content” and select options what you need.

3. Wait until you see the Success message. Check the frontend.


Possible troubles

  1. If  “Import Demo” button is no available, please sure that all required plugins is installed & activated.
  2. If import finished with errors, please check first System Requirements.
    The most common errors happened by low server requirements, we strongly recommend to contact your host provider and check the necessary settings.

You can find out which settings do not match the criteria on the Welcome Theme page.


If you still experience problems after completing all the steps above, please. write to us.